About Us


Family corporation established in 1990 to engage primarily in the manufacturing of snack food products in the Philippines.

It first started its operation with its corn chips line in its plant in Mandaue City and later expanded into manufacturing products in other categories like Baked Extrusion, Coated Peanuts, Roasted Pellets and Wafer Products.

In 2005, it opened its 2nd plant in Calamba City, Laguna to cater to the demands in Luzon.

About the Company

In the coming years, it will continue to establish more product lines in different categories like chocolates, powder beverages, breakfast cereals, seasoning mix and soft chewy products.

The company is currently producing over 50 products of snack food and is recognized as one of the market leaders in the corn chips segment in the Philippines.

Our Mission

β€œWe are committed to provide high-quality, innovative and affordable food products that give nutritional value and enjoyment. We continue to develop and add new products to our current product portfolio to create brand synergy for success. We define every effort to constantly improve our services, our business processes and systems to effectively save cost and increase the level of productivity & efficiency. We are dedicated to nourish humanity better, as we build a culture of harmony and trust with our customers, our suppliers, our employees & the community we are part of.”

Our Vision

β€œIn our boundless quest for business leadership, we will continuously strive to foresee and deliver new products that will offer better consumer satisfaction and will do the best we can to enhance our capability to deliver with urgency to keep our products available when needed to Filipino customers and across national boundaries, in a well developed infrastructure of competent workforce, cost-effective processes, extensive logistics and distribution network, reliable business information system and good governance.”